The 4-Arch Support System™

Your foot has four arches, one on the inside of your foot, another on the outside, the third behind the ball (front fat pad) and the fourth in front of the heel pad of the foot.

Balance arch supports feature an innovative Balance Box, designed to lift each of these four arches into a unified arch system that recognizes and supports your unique centre of gravity.

Look around you. How many people do you see slumped over with rolled shoulders and a stooped back?  Does anyone sit with good posture?

We care what happens to you and we want you to go forward looking better, feeling better, and better able to stand, walk, work and work out.

You need these Balance Supports. Unlike other devices that look similar and cost a lot more, even up to $800.00, economical Balance Foot Supports do the job for you.

We have spent millions of dollars in research, testing and manufacturing to bring you these Balance Foot Supports for a great low price."

When you find the right Balance Foot Supports, - and you can try hundreds of different designs - your life changes. I know. I suffered with pins in my ankles and a constantly swelling foot, until I discovered a thick arch support that balanced my foot and took away the pain and swelling. I had found a new life! - But that support required special shoes.

Here it is nearly 30 years later, I've developed an even better arch support that's more comfortable, more effective - as thin as a pin - and fits into any shoe, boots and sandals, the Balance Foot Support!

We've learned how to make the right Foot Support. We've found the answer to better balance and posture, and we are giving you the RIGHT FOOT SUPPORT, so that you can say the same thing, 'Balance Foot Supports changed my life!'

We don't care if you are 18 or 80 put these Balance Foot Supports in your shoe and you will do better in all your activities, stand taller and straighter, feel stronger, walk, work, dance, ski, bike, golf, tramp, box, lift weights, play tennis. Balance Foot Supports can prevent falls. You will perform better than ever, you'll look different when you stand straight, and you'll feel better when your feet balance your body weight.

Wear your new Balance Foot Supports in good health. Enjoy them. Stay strong. and God bless you!

- Joe Polifroni

Why Would You Choose FSI®Balance Foot Support Products?


  • Want better performance in all sports -no matter what your game
  • Want to improve your posture standing or sitting
  • Want to stand taller
  • Want to walk straighter and faster
  • Want to improve your breathing and circulation
  • Want to balance your total body weight
  • Want to relieve ankle, legs, back, heel spurs, sore and tired feet
  • Have general aches and discomfort
  • Standing in one place or on your feet for long periods
  • Are constantly lifting things and struggling with your balance
  • Shuffle your feet going from leg to leg

Models In The Past Developed By Founder Joe Polifroni

All the models below have been hugely successful worldwide since 1990