The Foot Supports International Balance Product Range is so versatile and unique providing significant advantages of balancing the entire body and bringing customers great personal satisfactions .

Balance Foot Support Products include a manufacturer's one-year warranty.

FSI Balance Foot Support products are tested by thousands of users globally. You will not regret your choice!

What can be brought to my daily life by Balance Foot Supports?

I can easily increase my walking distance each day, and reduce fatigue under the same walking load

Have the same load of long-standing work of my own, but still feel at ease after the job is done.

More evenly distribute my body weight.

Prevent or relieve knee stress, back pain, sore heels and other problems

Help me - even though I have flat feet - to walk and stand in a more normal way

As an elderly person, provide more stability standing and walking - reducing the risk of falling

Lift heavy objects more easily and protecting my waist and spine.

Improve bad posture, helping me to stand taller and straighter, giving me a look of greater confidence.

I can be more comfortable in my business dress shoes.

My sports performance will improve - no matter what my game!

Cutting edge technology casting first class quality

FSI Products are made of a special bionic blend that instantly warms to the body's own temperature, fits into the natural curvature of the foot and moves with your every activity.   This new sleek design is ultra-thin and durable. Despite being ultra lightweight, Balance Foot Supports have passed strict international certification and are tough and durable. Even after being run over by a four-wheel-drive vehicle, there is no deformation or damage. This is due to its secret formulation and more than 20 years of R & D investment and continuous improvements.

FSI® Balance Foot Support Products are ergonomically design-based. Developed for the enhancement of human balance, they meet the demands of long-term standing and walking as well as strenuous sports activities.  Balance Foot Supports reduce physical fatigue, protect the body from imbalances caused by poor posture, tired joint and aching muscle issues experienced by professionals such as teachers, flight attendants, medical personnel, security and hotel workers, bank tellers, salesmen, civil servants, police officers, and so many others of us.   Balance Foot Supports also help sportspeople by improving sure-footedness and supporting the core muscle group.  Wearing Balance Foot Supports can extend exercise time and intensity, increase competitive precision and help prevent sports wear-and-tear.



Do I need an arch support?

Balance Arch Supports are designed for people who are on their feet for long periods, walk or work out often, want to improve their balance and posture and maintain good foot and body health.

The "Balance Effectiveness" of the "4-arch support system" iss measured by a set of balance tests Before and After the use of the Balance Foot Supports designed to  instantly improve your total body balance, posture, alignment and stability.

Before / After Using FSI® Arch Support Products While Sitting

Before / After Using FSI® Arch Support Products While Standing

comparision at glance between fsi® products and others

FSI® Balance Arch Supports
Other products
Unique 4 Arch Support System technology has been tested worldwide, and has been proven in other countries.

FSI's Balance Product has more than 20 years of success with millions of people in various industries around the world. Made of a proprietary biotic blend formula and manufacturered in New Zealand for constant quality control. 

Low grade plastics or gels are commonly used by many products. These commonly have very poor durability and break down over a short period of time.

Maintenance / hygiene maintenance
Almost maintenance free

It can be used all year round, and are unaffected by temperature variation. A simple wash with water and wipe dry with cloth for any cleaning. 

A lot other arch support products will require deep cleaning to deal with sweat stains/smells etc.

Size / fit shoes
Fits in almost all shoes, boots and sandals.

Limited to certain shoes only.
Balance effect
Balance experience with obvious effect

The simple and clear 2-minute balance test lets you feel the obvious change and effect of improved body balance and alignment.

The effect is unknown

Most of the other arch supports are unable to actually balance your body. They look pretty and may have soft gel support but wont actually fix any issues.