Balance Lady™

Inventor Rosalinda's tailor-made model for women, which brings support for your high heel shoes.

Specially designed for women these orthotic insoles reposition the foots arch & realign and stabilize the entire body. While other arch supports are often thick, bulky and/or heavy, the Balance Lady collection is the thinnest and lightest weight available designed to fit discreetly in most ladies footwear and heels. It is also the only arch support in the world manufactured exclusively for woman.

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Balance Lady™

Customized For High Heel Shoes
FSI® Biotic PP material
Supporting capacity
Space requirements in shoes
Recommended Use
Support for day to day wearing high heel shoes
*Note: Depending on the height of the human arch and the actual situation, a fully trained balance expert may recommend a different arch support style to the above during your consultation. The choice of a good plan will be based on a good foot Comfort is our ultimate goal.
12 months comprehensive warranty

Tailor-made can be "cut to fit"

A very special foot support product with solutions for the high heel shoes

High-heeled shoes are women's lifelong partners. They allow us to maintain a perfect posture and unique elegence. The Balance Lady is the perfect high heels companion, allowing you to maintain a perfect posture wherever you are, with walking or standing in high heel shoes, and showing a confidence. With the support of the Balance Lady, high heels will no longer make you love and hate them.For shoes that are smaller, the arch support can be trimmed according to the shape of the sole, allowing female high-heeled shoes users to show perfect curves for a long time on important occasions and be confident.

Enjoy your DISCRETE "Pink Magic"

Only you know your secret

Pink, the eternal colour for women. High-heeled shoes have always provided a unique grace for woman, and yet the design of this elegant footwear always places beauty before comfort. The width of the high-heel footbed is often narrower than any actual foot, and the arch of the foot is usually suspended, without any support. Place the lady's ultra-thin and ultra-soft foot arch support in in sandals or high heels to eliminate some of these pressure’s created by your heels. The narrow design allows the support to blend in under your foot, discreetly providing you the support and comfort you deserve.

Ultra-thin with invisible support

The perfect quality that FSI® has developed for decades is the guarantee of comfort brought to you be the Balance Support range

Under normal circumstances, the soles of your feet have a natural arch, which forms a three-point support designed to take the weight of the human body and maintain balance. Due to a range of factors in our modern world many people's arch has collapsed, taking away the essential cushioning it provides. If the body continues to walk and stand with a fallena arch, it increase's the pressure on the joints, which will cause irreversible joint wear and tear. After more than 20 years of design & development, the Balance range of arch supports provide foot support solutions for all kinds of biodynamic related issues. The body's center of gravity is distributed from the bottom of the foot and relies on a smooth arch as a shock absorber during movement. Bring back that arch and live pain free, with the Balance Lady.

Super tough and durable

FSI® laboratory special formulated material is significantly stronger than ordinary pp materials

All the materials used to make the BALANCE Foot Support range has been improved by FSI R&D Center for many years. The current generation product material adopts a special formula material to achieve its ultra-thin design and product flexibility while maintaing excellent durability. Compared with ordinary pp products, the Balance range is a breakthrough in durability and support. The average thickness of the product has been reduced to only 1 mm, whilst being strong enough to handle a car driving over it. Strength and finesse, FSI's major goal, to ensure that their arch supports take up the smallest space possible in a shoe and makes the Balance Support range suitable for any shoe.

Benefit from the advanced formulated material

Ensure that the body temperature is absorbed immediately after contact with the human body, and the feet will not be frozen in winter

After multiple rigorous processes, the specially formulated FSI® material ensures that the arch support is warm in winter and cool in summer, and it is soft enough to adapt the arch support to the shape of the foot under various daily actions. It gives the sole of the foot the most natural and comfortable feeling, and at the same time provides FSI exclusive all-round support. The arch support naturally adjusts to the corresponding curvature of the sole as the body posture changes. Over time, you will not feel its existence. You'll just feel it is part of the body!