Comparison of Balance Foot Products

Find the right arch support for yourself

Remember it is also important to Shift the Lift, as the foot loves change, so alternating between different lifts is a great idea!

Balance Relaxer™

Low Lift

Balance Walker™

Medium Lift

Balance Worker™

High Lift
FSI® Bionic PP material FSI® Bionic PP material FSI® Bionic PP material
Supporting capacity
Ordinary Moderate Strongest
Space requirements in shoes
Least Moderate Moderate
Recommended Use
Gentle support for around the house or those with sensitive feet/fallen arches For day-to-day wear, walking, office work & medium impact activities Hiking, running, sports performance and careers that require you to be on your feet all day. Also the best option for those with high arches
*Note: Depending on the height of the human arch and the actual situation, a fully trained balance expert may recommend a different arch support model to the above during your consultation. The choice of a good plan will be based on a good foot Comfort is our ultimate goal.
12 months manufacturer's warranty 12 months manufacturer's warranty 12 months manufacturer's warranty

Leading technology, a balanced experience with instant balance effects

Maintaining a substantial balance and enhancing the benefits to the body is the unique value that FSI™ Balanced Foot Health brings to users

The Balanced Foot is developed and produced by the world’s unique quadruple arch balance support concept created by the inventor of the FSI® arch support. The use of the arch support can immediately pass the balance test, with obvious differences before and after use. The balance Foot support range will change your life with perfect body balance, allowing you to harvest unexpected surprises.

Ultra-thin and non-sense perfect support

The perfect quality that FSI® has accumulated and polished for decades is the guarantee of the comfort of the foot support

Under normal circumstances, the soles of human feet are arched, and the curved arc of the sole shape makes the sole of the foot form a three-point support to support the weight of the human body and maintain a balance for the body to stand. Due to long-term work, the fatigue and pain of standing will cause the problem of collapse of the arch. If the body continues to walk and stand when overworked, it will increase the pressure on the joints, which will cause irreversible joint wear and tear, which will result in long-term work. Of various injuries and physical losses. After more than 20 years of continuous improvement, the various arch supports of the balance path provide foot support solutions for all kinds of long-term standing, walking, imbalance and female groups. The body's center of gravity is distributed from the bottom of the foot through biomechanics. Make adjustments on the upper part to make people more labor-saving under the same work intensity and avoid unnecessary wear and tear and injuries.

Super tough and durable

FSI® laboratory special formulated material is significantly stronger than ordinary pp materials

All the materials used to make the Balance Foot Support range have been improved generation by generation by FSI R&D Center for many years. The current generation product material adopts FSI® laboratory special formula material to achieve its ultra-thin design and product flexibility. Excellent durability. Compared with ordinary pp products, the balance is a breakthrough in durability and firmness, and the cracking probability of the product under normal use is much lower than the average level. The average thickness of the product has been improved to only 1 mm, which is in line with the inventor Joe Polifroni's major goal-to ensure that the arch support takes up the smallest space in the shoe and makes the arch support suitable Part of the shoes.

Benefit from the advanced formulated material

Ensure that the body temperature is absorbed immediately after contact with the human body, and the feet will not be frozen in winter

After multiple rigorous processes, the specially formulated FSI® material ensures that the arch support is warm in winter and cool in summer, and it is soft enough to adapt the arch support to the shape of the foot under various daily actions. It gives the sole of the foot the most natural and comfortable feeling, and at the same time provides FSI exclusive all-round support. The arch support naturally adjusts to the corresponding curvature of the sole as the body posture changes. Over time, you will not feel its existence. You'll just feel it is part of the body!

Intimate design non-slip treatment

The industrial design of FSI™ Balanced Foot Health always reflects the practical concept

After the foot arch support is placed in the shoe, it will be closely integrated with the foot arch and provide support, its shape moves with your body, reshaping the optimal shape of the foot bone and foot. The foot part of the arch support adopts a rough treatment to effectively prevent the sliding of the sole of the foot, so that you cannot feel the presence of the arch support during use. The use of the balance road foot health product will immediately make you change your posture. Confident life.

Suitable for most shoes, almost no need to clean and replace

It only takes 3 seconds to change shoes, without any hassle!

Compared with the maintenance tasks of other arch support products, Balance Arch Supports require almost no care and maintenance. The original intention of product development was to minimize any extra work, without replacement and maintenance. For most shoe's Balance Arch Support can be easily transfered between footwear, allowing you to swap to other footwear without any trouble, so that you can support your arch's and have great balance at all times.