When your feet are well-positioned with Balance Foot Supports, you feel great!  But when they're unbalanced, the arches of your feet fall under the pressure of your body weight.  Poorly supported feet cause the entire body to become misaligned, causing stress on muscles and joints throughout. FSI has a global goal of helping consumers afford the balance support everyone needs under their feet, so that all people can Stand - Walk - Work - Sit - Run and still maintain good foot and body alignment, balance and posture

Your feet are the basis of your body’s ability to balance

“Balance-ability” occurs when all of the four arches under your feet are well supported. These four arches rise to meet in the middle under each foot, creating “the hollow” of your foot, similar to the hollow of your hand. Balance Walkers support all four of your foot’s arches, and fit right up into the hollow of your foot.

When this happens - amazingly! - your Center of Gravity is established, and you INSTANTLY feel straighter, taller, and stronger. Your stomach pulls in of its own accord, your shoulders fall back into more perfect posture, your chest and your lungs open up and you can breathe deeper, which means your circulation improves.

This phenomenon helps you to walk farther, lift things more easily, and some people say even walk and run faster. You have greater over-all endurance. All of this shows on your face. You will literally look more handsome and more beautiful!

Even when you’re sitting down wearing the Balance Walker Foot Supports under your feet, you have better posture, greater strength and incredible balance! My husband Joe and I have been researching and advertising foot supports for nearly 20 years. We’ve been designing and manufacturing foot supports since 2000.

Millions of people are now using our foot supports and these Balance Walker Arch Supports are the thinnest, toughest arch supports on the market today. They are literally “as thin as a pin” and you can run over them with a car without damaging them. They fit into any shoe, boots or sandals and you can wear them in boots and high heels up to 2 inches or 5 centimeters. Try them and, as our customers say, “you won’t want to be without them!”


Your foot has four arches, one on the inside and another on the outside of your foot, the third behind the ball and the fourth in front of the heel of the foot. Balance Foot Supports feature an innovative "Balance Box" designed to lift each of these four arches into a unified arch that recognises and supports your unique centre of gravity.

Why do most people’s feet collapse?

"Foot collapse often exists in people who are standing and walking for a long time. Your entire body is supported by only 2% of your body - your feet - carrying all the rest of the 98%. Even people with so-called normal arches will face the problem of arch collapse when the sole muscles are tired. The specific manifestation of the arch collapse is that the arch of the foot appears to be depressed, and the ankle is no longer vertical but inverted.

When people stand for a long time, walk, work, exercise vigorously, or suffer work-related injuries and sports strains, the arch of the foot is most likely to collapse to varying degrees. Once the arch is collapsed and bent, the fatigue of the arch will weaken the support of the foot and the human body, which will affect the dislocation and wear of the bones and joints of the whole body, causing irreversible physical injuries over time.

Severe damage can be caused by foot collapse due to lack of support, congenital and acquired fatigue

The soles of human healthy feet depend on the health of the foot arches. The arches of the foot make the body stable and labor-saving when standing and walking. Flat feet or collapsed arches change from four-point support to one-point support at the bottom, resulting in a great loss of stability. This cause the lack of stability. Once a person is in an unstable condition, walking for the same distance will become more laborious than usual, resulting in inability to stand and walk for a long time. People with flat feet do not have a well-supported arch, the soles of their feet are slightly flat or flat compared to so-called normal feet. This is a phenomenon of congenital or acquired foot deformities.

The collapse of the feet caused by congenital and acquired high-intensity work and long-term fatigue standing and walking will bring many malignant consequences to people at work. The inversion of the ankle can directly lead to the imbalance of the body and cause the body to lean forward. The doubling of the weight-bearing and stress on the knee joint causes irreversible wear and tear of the knee joint, causing pain in various parts of the body, and also causing knee injuries, back injuries, and cervical spine injuries over the long-term.

Foot Supports Balance Walker chain reaction with Justin Price

Biomechanics expert Justin Price explains how by repositioning your feet, lifting your weight off of painful pressure points and supporting your arches, Balance Foot Supports balance your entire body - and how, as a result, pain just goes away.

Based on the world's unique ergonomic four-foot arch support system-FSI Balanced Foot Fitness Product Features

1. More than 20 years of professional research and development
FSI® Balance Foot Supports are foot and body balance-support products designed with ergonomic and biomechanical principles including more than 20 years of research and development.  Balance Foot Supports are physically designed to fully support and maintain the arch system of the foot and to more evenly distribute your body weight passing across the soles of your feet.
2. Comfortable and natural, with a remarkable effect
The ultra-thin sophisticated design, fit, balance and realignment properties of Balance Foot Supports allow your feet to feel a new sense of comfort and function, enhancing confidence when ever you're walking, working or working out.
3. Foot supports adjusted center of gravity
Research data shows that 90% of us exhibit a forward-leaning phenomenon.  The FSI Balance Foot Supports recognize and reinforce the human body's center of gravity, resulting in an improved realignment of the head, shoulders, waist, knees, and ankles so that the body stands and walks more comfortably and efficiently.   This improved support and alignment bring about significant health benefits.
4. Better body and adjust balance muscle energy
An ergonomic body alignment brings your shoulders back into a more natural positioning.  With Balance Foot Supports you'll feel your chest expanding, your stomach pulling in.  Your breathing becomes smoother and deeper, resulting in improved blood circulation. You'll feel more vigorous and experience greater physical endurance.  This kind of physical correction helps relieve pressure on muscles and joints throughout the body, allowing them to work more naturally and thereby getting rid of pain.